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Education Rights Clinic

Legal Counsel for
Education Access Issues

Currently all meetings with the clinic are conducted virtually

Through in-person, one-on-one meetings, Learning Rights counsels and advises parents and develops individualized action plans that each parent can use to address their child’s education issues. During this legal diagnostic session, a parent has the opportunity to discuss their child’s educational issues.


After the initial consultation, a Learning Rights staff attorney determines whether the student is being offered equitable access to a public education. The parent then receives a plan developed specifically for their child with actionable steps to remedy the issues at hand.

When appropriate, students and their families may be offered direct legal representation to resolve the student’s education issues.


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What to Expect

A legal clinic is approximately a two hour meeting between you and one of our representatives to discuss your concerns. We will provide you with advice and referrals. The legal advice we provide you will be supervised by a Learning Rights attorney. Your meeting with our representatives does not guarantee that Learning Rights will be able to take your case.

What You Should Bring

You should bring your child’s school records from the last two to four years, such as:

  • report cards

  • IEPs

  • assessments and

  • medical records (if applicable)

  • Any other document relating to your concern


If you cannot find or do not have a complete set of education records, we recommend that you make a written request of records to the school and district.  Click here to download a template of a letter to request records from your school.

Cost of Service

There is no cost for an LRLC intake.


Unvaccinated Children

Please do not bring children that are unvaccinated due to religious, philosophical, or other personal beliefs to Learning Rights' office. Some of our clients have unique medical needs and we would like to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to disease.


Arrive Early

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out our questionnaire.  If you arrive late your appointment may be cancelled.  If you are not able to make the appointment we have confirmed with you or if you have any additional questions, please call us at (213) 623-4794 or email


Learning Rights does not validate parking. The parking lot in our building charges $15. Lots near our office charge between $5 and $15, and metered street parking is available.

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