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2023 Law Firm Challenge

The Law Firm Challenge is a competition between firms

to raise funds and provide pro bono assistance

for our most vulnerable community members. 

Watch below to find out the winner of this years challenge:

LFC Donors (15).png

  • All of Learning Rights’ clients live at or below the poverty line.

  • Learning Rights’ clients are disproportionately denied access to a public education on the basis of disability and/or discrimination.

  • Learning Rights’ clients cannot afford a lawyer and cannot get equitable access to a fair and equitable public education without our assistance.           

  • LRLC is the only legal nonprofit organization that offers free training in education rights and advocacy to extremely vulnerable families who cannot afford an education rights attorney to fight for their children.  

  • Donations will support our award winning TIGER Program which helps families learn about their education rights and begin self-advocacy.

We have many great ways that firms can contribute

their time and have a direct impact on our work:

1)     ERC with Learning Rights: Join the staff of Learning Rights in conducting front line interviews and document reviews with families in desperate need of education advocacy. Four-hour minimum commitment on day of clinic, along with review of a 1-hour online training prior to clinic day. 


2)     Perform Critical Legal Research: Volunteer from the comfort of your home, office or poolside. We always have longer term legal research or legal surveys we need completed. Help us by writing research memos, updating our case law surveys, and strategizing to address emerging legal issues in the field. Time commitment varies by the subject and need, but we will have a variety of topics available.


3)     ​Co-counsel a case with us: Looking for a deeper commitment? We are looking for pro bono partners to help us litigate special education administrative cases. Pro bono attorneys will partner with our special education litigators to help a family enforce their rights under the law. Of course, this type of commitment will last longer than the month of June, but summer is the perfect time to explore this option if there is interest at your firm.

For information about pro bono opportunities contact Shawna Parks, Esq.

Director of Legal Outreach (213) 542-7292


For information about donations contact Julie Hezlep

Director of Donor Experience (213) 542-7285   


For information about TIGER contact Marisol Chianello, Esq.

TIGER Coordinator (213) 542-1825

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