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The 2005 Society

The 2005 Society is a group of people committed to the Learning Rights Law Center’s legacy and its future as a place where vulnerable families confronting educational barriers find help, build community and seek empowerment.


Your monthly recurring gift allows Learning Rights to gather as much support as possible to help us continue to be a place where underserved families find their voice and amplify their children’s story when working with their public school district for a fair and equitable education.


Members of The 2005 Society are champions for educational justice using their donations to drive a lasting impact in the life of every at risk child.


Your recurring gift to The 2005 Society is a sustaining lifeline to Learning Rights Law Center.


As a member of The 2005 Society you will:


  • Be Recognized: All members of The 2005 Society will be listed on our website and annual report. You are our valued partner.

  • Be Informed: We will provide you with quarterly updates from the frontlines of the fight for education rights.

  • Be a Champion: The 2005 Society members are catalysts for change, equity and justice in the public school systems.


Your monthly gift matters to families in need!

If you would like more information about The 2005 Society contact Julie Hezlep, Director of Donor Experience, at

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