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Learn your child’s rights.
Learn the special education system.

Currently all TIGER classes are conducted virtually

TIGER is a hands-on, Know Your Rights training designed and taught by Learning Rights so families in need can successfully self-advocate within the special education system. Since 2005, we have helped over 2,500 families residing in economically-marginalized communities in Los Angeles County including, Downey, Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Long Beach, the San Gabriel Valley (El Monte), the San Fernando Valley(Pacoima), South Los Angeles(Watts) and Whittier.

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TIGER’s cornerstone project is its unique and intensive Beginning TIGER special education Know Your Rights training. Families meet once a month for 11 months and are taught by education advocates, attorneys, and professionals. Each parent receives a free copy of Learning Rights Law Center’s Special Education Toolkit along with training, support, and resources necessary to self-advocate for their children in a non-adversarial and collaborative manner.

TIGER: Special Education Advocacy


  • 11 month curriculum

  • Introduction to special education system and services

  • Understanding the IEP process

  • Parent participation in special education

  • Taught by attorneys, advocates, special education teachers, and others


  • 9 month curriculum

  • In-depth review of Compliance Complaints and Due Process

  • Introduction to special education case law


Class Locations


  • 11 month curriculum

  • Special education case building

  • Supreme Court and federal special education law

  • Working with the Office of Administrative Hearings

  • Public Records Act Requests

Advanced Plus

  • 11 month curriculum

  • Focused on the transition to adulthood and exploring available services and options

  • Explains the IPP process, the basics of Regional Centers, and their role in the transition process


Class Locations

Different Thinkers, Different Learners

  • 10 month curriculum

  • Taught by Psychoeducational Consultant, Mariana Leñero Solar

  • In-depth lectures on the theoretical and practical impact of five different developmental disabilities:

    • ADHD

    • Autism

    • Specific Learning Disability

    • Speech and Language

    • Intellectual Disability

For more information, contact Marisol Chianello at

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