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Tichenor Clinic and TIGER Profiled in the Press-Telegram

The Long Beach Press-Telegram recently profiled our friends at the Tichenor Clinic, including our psychoeducational consultant and Tichenor board member Mariana Solar, and TIGER parent and Tichenor staff member Mayra Jimenez. The profile highlights Mayra's work bringing TIGER classes and parents together in Long Beach, and is well worth a read. It also demonstrates the impact of self-advocacy trainings for parents, particularly for parents who had not previously had access to resources in their language: “Before, I wouldn’t even know how to request records or how to request a service; it was really hard for me and I didn’t even understand,” (Mirtha) Arriaga said. “I learned how to request therapy at home. So now we have therapy at home.” To read all of Mirtha's story, as well as the great work of Mayra, Mariana, and all of the great people at Tichenor, click here.

from the Press-Telegram article, courtesy of the Tichenor Clinic

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