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Randi Sunshine Announces LRLC Legal Director

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Los Angeles, CA March 4, 2021—Randi Sunshine, Executive Director of the Learning Rights Law Center, has announced that Alexis Casillas will serve as its next Legal Director.

Casillas joins Learning Rights Law Center from private practice, where she has spent her entire legal career on education-related policy and litigation work. Before joining the organization, she represented Learning Rights before the California Supreme Court in its work with the Alliance for Children’s Rights to compel the Los Angeles Unified School District to stop violating state and federal laws and to honor its federal and state obligations to assess, plan for, and continue to serve students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is an honor to join such a vitally important organization, and I am excited to help lead Learning Rights into the next chapter of education advocacy" said Casillas. "Like Learning Rights, I have always firmly believed in the fundamental role that education plays in enabling our young people to become players on whatever stage they wish to play on. We also recognize that educational benefits and opportunities are not distributed equally, as the laws intend them to be, and we have not yet achieved a fair and equitable educational system accessible to all. I am inspired to see the commitment to addressing those barriers shared by my fellow staff members and attorneys. This year has been hard for everyone, and especially for the families who turn to and rely on Learning Rights. I am committed to helping them start to feel hope again."

"Learning Rights Law Center is privileged to have Alexis Casillas join as Legal Director," announced Randi Sunshine. "I know that she will be vital to expanding our mission of achieving education equity for all students."

About Learning Rights Law Center

The nonprofit provides legal services to disadvantaged students not receiving an equitable public education. Its efforts are focused on the most vulnerable K-12 students who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities or otherwise face discrimination. Learning Rights Law Center addresses these issues through advocacy, litigation, training and community organizing.

For more information contact Aaron Bicart, LRLC Media Officer, at or 213-315-5428.

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