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LRLC Staff Quoted on the Impact of Record Breach

Our senior staff attorney Steven Catron was quoted by The 74 in their article on a recent data breach of Los Angeles Unified School District mental health records. The district fell prey to a ransomware attack last year, and student records were among the data found on the "dark web". Steven shared his insight on the impact of this breach with The 74:

"In general, Catron said, such reports can include details about a family’s immigration status, sexual misconduct allegations, unfounded child abuse reports or that a student has 'been hitting other children or adults in a school environment'... 'The sheer scope of information, like you’ve seen, it’s darn broad and pretty hurtful for people,' Catron said. 'If those records include those types of notes, whether correct or not, it can just cause a huge emotional strain for the family.'"

You can read the full article here.

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