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August Trainings from LRLC

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Learning Rights Law Center (LRLC) invites you to attend its upcoming trainings. Each training is intended to empower and strengthen the knowledge of parents with children in special education. Registration is free.

TIGER Enrichment Courses in Spanish & English with neurolinguist Mariana Leñero

  • TIGER Assessments: Understanding Occupational Therapy Assessments Tuesday, August 9 at 10:00AM

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  • Westside Regional Center: Understanding Specific Learning Disabilities Thursday, August 11 at 5:30PM

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  • Different Thinkers, Different Learners: Entendiendo los Trastornos Especificos de Aprendizaje Tuesday, August 30 at 11:00AM

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TIGER Office Hours provide one-on-one time for parents to speak with TIGER staff and ask questions about TIGER class material.

Friday, August 19 at 12:00PM

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TIGER Mentor/Mentee Program

TIGER is officially introducing a Mentor/Mentee program! TIGER graduates will be paired with current TIGER students. The commitment will be minimal, but we ask mentors/mentees to check in with each other every couple of months. For now, we will limit the mentor/mentee pairings to 15 as we test out this new program.

Apply here

Any questions or inquiries can be emailed to TIGER Program Director Marisol Chianello at: marisol@learningrights.org.

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